Monday, May 9, 2011

From A Kid's Perspective - Eyebrows

I was in the bathroom plucking my eyebrows which, let's face it, a good many of us are wont to do.

Enter: Eva, my six year old daughter.

"Ooooh, Mommy!", she says, with a deep look of concern on her face and obvious worry in her voice (she can be quite compassionate). "Do you have a sliver in your face?!"

"No, sweetheart." I say suppressing a little giggle.

"Then why are you using the thing that takes out slivers?"

"These are tweezers and I'm just plucking my eyebrows."

"What's plucking?"

So I explain (still plucking). "Well, basically, it's when you pull out little hairs."

"You PULL them OUT?!!"

I stop. I look at her beautiful, shocked little face and I think, Should I tell her? Should I tell her that chances are, with the generous eyebrow genes bestowed upon her by both her father and her mother, she, too, may very well choose to 'pluck' someday? Should I tell her that not only is she likely to pluck, but as a woman it is very probable that she will voluntarily partake in various tedious, inconvenient, uncomfortable and down-right painful grooming practices all in the name of beauty?

No. This is not a conversation I want to have right now.

So I smile a big warm smile and teasingly pinch the tweezers at her and say, "Do you want me to pluck one of your hairs?".

"No!" she says, laughing.

Then, with the previous conversation flitting out of her innocent mind, she bounds joyfully and freely out of the bathroom as, truly, only a six year old can.


  1. wow, that was actually quite a big decision you had to make in the moment.
    great choice not to let her know what women go through in the name of beauty.
    she does not need to know that for years....
    xo asahi princess

  2. Too funny! Yes those big conversations are best saved for later, hey? At least you were plucking your eyebrows and not doing a bikini wax. That would be another interesting one to explain.

    The things we do in the name of beauty....

  3. It's funny how you have to really think how you're going to answer a question because that could lead to another question and another and pretty soon you're going down a road you are totally unprepared for. I knew I had to nip this one in the bud. And THANK GOD I was only plucking my eyebrows ;)

  4. I also thank God you were only plucking your eyebrows. This blog post could have been way more awkward. I love your blog and.....your six year old.

  5. Girls, I thought the SAME thing.... Thank God Asher didn't pick the lock on the bathroom door yesterday until I was DONE with the Waxaway....

    "How did you get in here, honey?"

    "Wif da penny!"

    Natalie, this is soooo cute.

  6. I found your blog through Mama's Little Nestwork and I'm so glad. I love this post and laughed out loud! Sadie

  7. Thanks, Sadie! I've already joined up to follow you, too :)

    Looking forward to perusing your blog!


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